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About Me


I live in Columbus, Ohio with my daughter, son, + chihuahua who keep me busy, stimulated, + humble! Though I identify as a “Buckeye”, I also claim Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as my home. I am the first American born citizen on my Mom's side of the family, therefore I am a proud multi-flag waving Bahamian-American!


I am a graduate of Wright State University where I obtained my BA in Mass Communications with a Public Speaking + Marketing focus. During undergrad, I had dreams of being a VJ for 106 and Park! (Shootout to AJ + Free!) Upon receiving my MBA from Ashland University, I found a new passion for the inner workings of business.

I am extremely passionate about assisting leaders in curating spaces where their team members are seen, valued, + heard.

I do this with empathy, awareness, + intentionality as my core guiding lights. Fifteen years of experience in Organizational + Professional Development has allowed me to harness my craft + further cultivate my passion. I support leaders in creating spaces where people feel empowered to be their best selves, contribute, + thrive!

I serve on the Board of Directors for the National Black Women's Creative Cooperative. Our mission is to liberate Black Women from oppressive + toxic work environments + generate wealth. I am also a local Certified Tourism Ambassador, which really just means I get to nerd out on history + talk to strangers about how cool Columbus is!


I enjoy having meaningful conversations, preferably over a nice glass of wine (off the clock, of course), spending time in nature with friends + family, + traveling.

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