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Leadership Coaching


Individual Contributor


In-Person + Web Based

Package Includes:

  • Establish Specific + Measurable Goals

  • Three (3) Monthly Coaching Sessions for 9-12 month period

  • Touchbase(s) with colleagues and direct report(s)

  • Full day of job shadowing

  • Unlimited Email Support

Who is best suited?

The leader that is looking to make a big(ger) shift forward - one that will benefit them personally as well as their team and organization. These shifts can benefit your bottom line, productivity, retention, and recruitment efforts.

Topic Options
  • Inclusion

  • Identifying + Utilizing Each Other's Strengths

  • Giving Productive + Honest Feedback

  • Gaining Accountability

  • Leadership Development: Clarifying + Improving Leadership Style

  • Value Alignment: Developing Individual Behaviors that Meet Team Needs

  • New Role: Supporting Senior Executives to Successfully Inhabit New Situations

  • Work/Life Balance: Clarifying Challenges + Generating Fresh Solutions

Training Customization Options Available!

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