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Organizational Development Consultant


Through a combination of observation, evaluation, research, and interviews, I analyze your company’s culture. In doing so, I determine whether the parts are working together as a whole.


Based on the outcome of my assessment, I work with key team members to plan and implement changes in work practices, procedures, and policies. I may also need to make recommendations on team and/or individual behaviors.


If there is a specific root problem that is hindering your company's performance, I can partner with you for a longer period to provide tailored coaching and training. Using methods in organizational planning and group dynamics, I will develop and implement team building skills between employees and the management team. This will help to improve team harmony through interpersonal communications and trust, thereby increasing retention, recruitment, and overall joy.

Topic Options
  • Onboarding Materials

  • Employee Evaluation Process

  • Meeting Effectiveness + Efficiency

  • Scope of Work

  • Professional Development Plan

  • Individual Development Plan

  • Team Coaching

  • Individual Coaching

  • Team Retreats

Customization Options Available!

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