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Trainings + Workshops

Create, customize, + facilitate trainings + workshops that are interactive, fun, + thought to evoke mindset shifts.

E.G. Facilitate team retreats, train on Crucial Conversations, + more!

Experience Surveys + Cultural Assessments

Identify the opportunities of growth between your existing + ideal organizational culture so you can meet your goals + add value.

E.G. Customized Experience Survey, Individual and/or organizational level IDI Assessment

People + Organization Development

Identify opportunities to improve processes, people, + procedures by exposing the barriers within organizations that impact the execution of goals. From this, a roadmap can be created + implemented.

E.G. Org Templates, Communication Plans, Creating/Editting Processes + Procedures, Team Member Life Cycle Support, + more!

Guided Group + Individual Coaching

Provide personalized leadership coaching to spark awareness, curiosity, innovation, + fulfillment. Is available for all levels + customized to create impacts for each role type.

E.G. 1:1 Leadership Coaching, Post-Facilitation Group Debrief, + more!

*I am currently providing coaching services in conjunction with an organizational contract.

Speaking Engagements

Present on topics associated with communication, trust, inclusion, + belonging.

Ex. Panel discussion, keynote speaker, podcast guest, + more!


Listen in!

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